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Make Your Health A Priority Now!

Are you in pain, recovering from surgery, or just in need of some TLC?

Kilmore Wellness Centre has been helping people feel better, recover quicker and live a healthier lifestyle for over 20 years. We have dedicated health practitioners ready to help you get back on track.

You’ll find us in Kilmore, Wallan, Broadford, Lancefield and Seymour.

No Need To Go Anywhere Else!

Life is busy and time is precious, so we’ve made it easy. We have so much to offer you won’t have to travel to multiple locations – it’s a one stop shop.

Experienced, Passionate & Driven!

Our practitioners are highly qualified and love what they do. You’ll be in good hands.

Let’s Get You Into Shape!

We offer fantastic fitness classes and programs to get you to be the best you can be – all run by highly qualified health practitioners.

Come and join in our popular mat pilates classes, be challenged in reformer pilates, or get moving in our hydrotherapy. Check out what’s available here.

Where Are We?

Our main locations are:


Other locations we practice at:

Kilmore Leisure Centre
Seymour Sports & Aquatic Centre
Lancefield Medical Centre
Hidden Valley Resort
Kilmore Business Studio

Regular services to:

Retirement Villages:
The Elms
Nursing Homes:

Home visits are available on request.



You may have questions like ‘can I use my health insurance? Do you bulk bill? Simply follow the link below and get the answers you need.