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Reformer Pilates Classes

TARGET | Clinical Reformer Pilates

A smaller reformer pilates class led by one of our Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists who will tailor a workout to suit your specific needs. Which may include a previous injury, health condition or a specific goal.

Duration: 45 mins

*Initial Required Assessment Required

CONNECT | Group Reformer Pilates

Utilising spring-loaded Pilates Reformer machines these classes are a full body workout designed to help you improve your core strength, overall strength, fitness and flexibility. Suitable for anyone of any age and fitness level.

Duration: 45 mins

BEGIN | Group Reformer Pilates

A group reformer class introducing the reformer machines and how to correctly use them.  Clients are encouraged to attend this class if they have never used a reformer or if they would like to gain more experience before joining our Connect classes.  Suitable for anyone (13+yrs) and all fitness levels.

Duration: 45 mins

ENERGY | Functional Strength & Fitness Circuit

Small group functional training classes.  We utilise a variety of high end equipment including cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights, kettle bells, and much more.  Higher intensity training to get you huffing and puffing.  Exercise Physiologists/Scientists run to cater for all levels , injuries, conditions, aches and pains

Capacity: 8 people

Duration: 45 mins

*Initial Assessment Recommended

Other Classes Available


Classes are suitable for anyone that wants to improve their fitness and/or strength, reduce their weight, improve their balance or work towards a specific goal. Classes are suitable for everyone and tailored to suit your individual level and needs.

Duration: 45 mins

*Initial Assessment Recommended

Exercise Right Active Ageing Program Offer Through This Class – Call  5782 2844 To Book

WATER | Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the use of water for therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, relaxation and more. It involves exercising in a heated pool to help treat a condition and/or improve our recovery after injury, illness or surgery.

Duration: 50 mins

*Initial Assessment Recommended